Blogging As A Small Business vs Blogging For Your Small Business

What does it mean to write a blog as a small business or blog for your small business?  To clarify these two concepts, let’s talk about the basics of how they work and why you should think of each differently.

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Blogging as a Business
Blogging as a business means the blog (or vlog, which is video blogging) that you write, you get paid from your blog.
  • The blog itself makes you money by creating advertising revenue and paid partnerships.
  • The blog is usually about you personally or a personal topic.
You can make money from the blog as it is a separate income stream from your small business. As a professional blogger, you are kept to a schedule when to put out your content.
 Blogging for your Business
Now, blogging for your small business is extremely valuable. I suggest you should blog on some level - meaning don’t get bogged down with how many words it should be or how often you post the blog such as once a week. As a small business owner, you don’t need to follow the time constraints of the previous example. Just write a blog to enhance your website and social media presence.
Another thing that matters to blogging for your business is to make sure you use keywords.
  • Using keywords that are relevant to your business and your blog topic, should be searchable on the internet.
You want potential customers to find your blog when they search a certain topic, which then leads to your website and ultimately a sale!
Here's a tip - batch create your blog. Sit down at one time and write about various topics regarding your business. Even though this will take some time, it will help you to have consistent messaging and be efficient with your time.
So if you are on the fence on which to do, blog as a business or blog for your business, or both - remember which will better serve your business goals and your time.

Want to learn more about keeping your blogging content customer focused? 

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