Deciding Which Types of Content Work Best for Your Small Business

Which types of content are best for your small business? Content can either generate leads or make your small business searchable to potential customers.
Let’s focus on searchable types of content. The entire job of the content is to get your small business found. You want your business to be “google-able” So what are the types of content that work best for your small business marketing goals?


Video is a great piece of content. It is so simple to record video today, however, there are limitations with certain platforms. Facebook is less searchable than Pinterest or YouTube. So to get past this, you create your video on Facebook Live for example, and then download it to YouTube or cut snippets to post on Pinterest. You name your video and the title becomes searchable.


A blog is a written form of content. Blogging for your business can be very useful. Remember there are no “have-tos” when it comes to your blog. Don’t worry about the number of words or how many blogs to write - just get the information out there. Your headlines have to be searchable by using the correct keywords and making it user-focused. With a focused headline, you can be found on the Interwebz!


A podcast is a piece of content that is an audio recording. You can find interviews or information-based podcasts for almost any topic.
People think podcasts can only be about certain industries such as marketing or interior design but not true. You can absolutely podcast about your manufacturing business! Trust me, someone out there is searching for manufacturing topics - which will lead them to your business being found!
Don’t get bogged down with the idea that you don’t have the right equipment to create a podcast. Recording yourself or a conversation can be simple using Zoom which can extract the audio as an MP3 file to upload onto your website or your social media accounts.

Worksheets, whitepapers and eBooks

Another way for your business to get found is written forms of content like worksheets, checklists, whitepapers and eBooks. You can start small by writing 1 -2 pages about a topic that can be downloaded for free on your website. You can require an email address or not in exchange for the piece of content.
If you have an idea you want to share about your business, go out there and do it! There are no limitations. The only limitations you have about your blog post, podcasting, or creating video are all in your head.
Lastly, in deciding which type of content will work best for you and your business, consider what content you consume regarding your business or you personally.

Do you want more advice on how to craft your content's messaging?  

We've got an article that takes a deeper look at creating a great branding message.  What's Holding Your Small Business Back - A Quick Look Into Your Business Brand

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