How is Content Marketing Different for Small Business?

What is content? Content consists of blogs, case studies, whitepapers, videos on YouTube - any material that is “Googleable” or found through a Google search. This is different from social media posts. Your posts should drive traffic to your business content. Your content then serves as resources for your audience to find your business.


So let’s answer that question - how is content marketing different for a small business?

The advantage for your small business is that you don’t have to do as much content marketing as a large business. Large businesses are held to putting out more content over a scheduled time period. They are expected to put out so much content within a certain timeframe.
As a small business owner you can set your own schedule or timeframe as to when you want to release your content. I recommend batching your content, meaning creating content all at once, taking time to write, record video, podcast, whatever you want to create, in one sitting. Then you can schedule the content over a period of time or post all at once. You can make that decision! That is the advantage to content marketing as a small business.
I want you to understand the idea that you don’t have to blog every week or every month - you create a schedule you are comfortable with. There are no “have-tos” but you want to start creating something. You can write 6 blogs or 15 blogs, then use your social media to drive traffic to read the blogs on your website. That is your superpower as a small business owner.

Now, if you don’t have a blog, website or use WordPress, you can put content out on your LinkedIn page, for example. LinkedIn is free with no word limit, you can post a 250 word blog or article to your Linked In page, no limit. Start there.

Or, you can hire a copywriter to write a blog and use keyword research for you - or learn how to do this yourself. I teach classes on all these topics through my marketing accelerator - learning how to do all this and hire out those to help you as well, can all be integrated into your marketing strategy.

Do you want more advice on how to craft your content's messaging?  

We've got an article that takes a deeper look at creating a great branding message.  What's Holding Your Small Business Back - A Quick Look Into Your Business Brand

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