Leveraging Your Social Media Assets

As a small business owner, you create or hire someone to create content for your social media. More often than not, you might look at it like it's a one time piece of content. You created the content, you posted it, and then it's done. But this is false. I believe we all have a misconception about what content is and what purpose it's serving our social media and our businesses. You need to be leveraging your social media assets to benefit yourself and your business.

Your content was not created to serve one purpose

Look at every industry where content is being created and you will see that it’s being used more than once. Everybody is leveraging their assets for multiple uses.
For example, if you have watched the Super Bowl or any major television event, you will notice there are always commercials. Usually the Super Bowl commercials are very, very expensive ads. They tend to be groundbreaking ads. It's a way for businesses to change the way that people perceive them, the cost isn’t an issue for them.
But if you see a great Super Bowl commercial, you most likely will see it shown again. The commercial goes out time and time again; because of the time, energy, effort and money spent on creating it.
Alright, why is this important? How does this relate to small business owners? Because we tend to create a social media asset and think, "Well, now that I've used that, I can't post it again." The truth is, you can't afford to let your time, energy, effort and money go to waste like that. If you plan to be consistent on social media, then you need to leverage every single asset that you create for multiple uses.

Ways to leverage your social media assets

There are so many opportunities to be leveraging your social media assets. Every time you write a blog post, you need to be prepared to post about it several times. Every time you create a social media image or have a graphic designer create an image for you, you need to be prepared to show that image multiple times, in multiple ways, on multiple platforms.
If you have a video created, you can cut it up into multiple clips or get a transcript of it and post it on your blog.
If you're creating podcasts, you need to be willing to take snippets from that podcast and do different things with them. Replay that podcast in your own podcast stream when the topic becomes relevant again.
Also, don’t be afraid to repost your content because the algorithms on a lot of platforms almost guarantee that a bunch of people did not see your post the first time.
If you noticed that a particular post received a ton of engagement the first time, you can absolutely repost it. Reuse the image and write a different caption next time. If the caption is what got people's attention, change the image. You need to be leveraging your social media assets because you have great content that you audience needs to see!

Repurpose your content because you have a small business to run

If you are creating social media content and only posting it once, you’re doing it wrong. As a small business owner, you don't have time to create new content again and again in an endless content stream. It's not your job to get up every morning and create new Instagram stories and Facebook posts. You have a business to run!
But when you begin to recycle, recreate, and repurpose the content you've already created, you free yourself up from daily posting to your social media so that you can focus on more important aspects of your business.
However, I absolutely believe that all small business owners should be participating in their own social media. But you shouldn't let it dominate your daily schedule.  You need to reuse and repurpose the awesome content you've already created. No more of this posting something once to never use it again. Don't get trapped in that mindset.
Leverage every bit of social media that you are creating and move on to running your small business.

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