Planning Your Email Marketing for Your Small Business

Do you send out newsletters, updates on new products, coupons, or event invitations to a list of your customer’s email addresses? Probably. Are you getting the results you want from this type of marketing? Maybe not. Are you most likely sending out emails when you find some time or have a new idea???  Ok, let’s stop doing spontaneous email marketing! Let’s discuss planning your email marketing for your small business.

Planning out your email marketing strategy

First, for certain industries such as non-profits or education, newsletters are a great way to go. People on their contact lists want to have news updates. Usually, these groups have regularly scheduled events, programs or classes. The newsletters can be scheduled to go out once a month to the contact lists.
However, those of us not in those industries, you will want to send out more than one email per month.
How do you figure out what to write about or when to send out your emails?  What goals do you want to accomplish?
Say you want to book more appointments, or gain new clients, write your emails addressing your customers needs or “problems” You want to write stories about certain topics around your business to address your customers questions. It’s storytelling 101!

Include a call to action

Always include a way to get in touch with you.  Then send out to your entire contact list - no need to segment your list because you want to reach everyone. Email marketing software that will help you schedule your email are Constant Contact, Mailchimp or Vertical Response and many others.
Here's a suggestion - I always tell small business owners to batch create your content. This is creating and writing your emails all at one time.
This helps you send out a consistent message and be efficient with your time. Do this instead of being spontaneous and sending out emails at any time and, in the end, creating more work for yourself. 
Do you want more advice on how to craft your email marketing message?  
We've got an article that takes a deeper look at creating a great branding message.  What's Holding Your Small Business Back - A Quick Look Into Your Business Brand

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