Social Media Advertising Options for Small Businesses

Social media is one of the most important tools in today's marketing world. Understanding social media advertising options can grow your small business exponentially. Let’s talk about what social media platforms are doing in regard to advertising.

Facebook Ads

First, Facebook ads offer so much more than they did in the past. Many business owners like to use boost as an advertising option. Boost is an option on Facebook or Instagram to amplify a post that you already created and used. Boosting is a quick and easy way to get your message in front of as many people as possible. But it is not as effective as advertising to a specific audience that is proven to buy from you.
So instead of boosting, you can look at where they offer Messenger ads and shopping ads to make a purchase instantly, These might be better options for your Facebook advertising campaign.


Another great social media advertising platform is LinkedIn. You will get the biggest bang for your buck with LinkedIn. They have great open rates and are inexpensive. They offer video and messenger ads as well.


Twitter also has an amazing advertising platform. The difference is they have an advanced advertising network - they have taken time to develop connections with other advertising platforms outside of Twitter.


YouTube is another option to consider when running ads. It allows you to run video ads and give you the option to show them anywhere in a video, from the beginning or midway. This is beneficial since the ad is being shown on a video that correlates to the person’s search for a certain topic or keyword.
So think about putting ads out on your social media platforms. You can decide which social media posts were the most effective for you and put some advertising dollars behind those posts. This will help get your business attention - which will sell more products and services - which will ultimately grow your business.
Understanding all your social media advertising options, being intentional with your ads, know who your audience is and start out with small budgets will be very cost-effective for your business.

Looking for more information on how to craft an effective ad? 

We've got an article that takes a deeper look at creating a story that will resonate with your customers. What's Holding Your Small Business Back -  A Quick Look Into Your Business Brand

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