What are Keywords and When Should You Use Them

What we think keywords mean and what they actually are, are two different things! Let’s cover what keywords are, when you should be using them, and how you should be thinking about them.

What are keywords?
Keywords are a set of words or phrases that your audience use to find information that will lead them to choose you as the business to fulfil their product needs. Generally, people tend to think keywords are words associated with their business or industry - a single word like soap or essential oil.
This is not how your audience uses Google by typing one word searches. They type phrases they use when they are thinking about making a purchase - for example, what are the benefits of lavender soap or where is a small business that sells soap.
So you need to produce content that will target the answer to what they are searching for. Google understands what people are trying to say when they type in a certain phrase or question - by your keywords, Google will then give suggestions based on their questions.
Focus on the thing the person is searching for and NOT what you care about - it’s what they care about that will lead them to your business.
Here’s a tip - to figure out what they are searching for I recommend using a site Answer the Public - this keyword tool allows you to see what are the most common searches around a topic.
When should you use keywords?
You should use keywords anytime you are putting content out into the internet.
Now Facebook is not keyword-friendly, they have not figured that out yet. But, there are platforms that are keyword-friendly - LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.
So think about this when you are creating content, whatever content that might be (blogs, podcasts, ebooks, videos) - which platforms will be easily searchable to your audience and will lead them to your website.
With each piece of content you create, you need to find out a way to answer one question - don’t use that content to answer 85 questions!
Focus on thinking of one answer to one specific question.
Keyword phrases are about your customers and not you. It is not about keywords as it relates to your industry, it’s about what questions your customers are searching for.

Want to learn more about how to pick the keywords that will resonate with your customer?  

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